Saturday, August 12, 2006

Joint Venture Partnerships Increase Book Sales

A great way to sell lots of books through Amazon is to develop Joint Venture Partnerships with a cross-section of experts. Each expert offers bonus products to those who buy your book. Partners also agree to send out a message on a specific day via email, blogs, or Ezines encouraging their readers to visit a webpage to purchase your book and enjoy the bonus gifts. Bonus products can be eBooks, teleconferences, MP3 files or anything that is electronically accessed after the purchase. Once the book is purchased, buyers are given a special link with all the offers. They pick and choose according to their needs and interest. Buyers will most likely be required to fill out a download form with their name and email address for any of the gifts they choose. The benefit to you in this type of campaign is other experts are helping to spread the word about your book. The benefit to your Joint Venture Partners is they gain visibility to thousands of other people and increase their database numbers with qualified leads from those who download their offer.

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