Monday, August 14, 2006

Visibility Creates Credibility

The more visible you are within your target market, the more credibility you create. Familiarity breeds credibility. Key here is to be very clear on who your target market is. It is easier and more cost effective to create visibility within a target market than it is to be all things to all people. As the saying goes, “If everyone is your market, then no one is your market.”

Take time to determine specifically who your market is and who you would ideally like to do business with. The clearer you become, the more business you attract and the more enjoyable that business becomes.

Kathleen Gage

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Roses from my garden

Making Money with the Internet

Have you ever wondered if you can really make money using the Internet. Yes! You can. But it is a process and it takes time and skill. Yet, even if you have no knowledge right now you can learn.

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Joint Venture Partnerships Increase Book Sales

A great way to sell lots of books through Amazon is to develop Joint Venture Partnerships with a cross-section of experts. Each expert offers bonus products to those who buy your book. Partners also agree to send out a message on a specific day via email, blogs, or Ezines encouraging their readers to visit a webpage to purchase your book and enjoy the bonus gifts. Bonus products can be eBooks, teleconferences, MP3 files or anything that is electronically accessed after the purchase. Once the book is purchased, buyers are given a special link with all the offers. They pick and choose according to their needs and interest. Buyers will most likely be required to fill out a download form with their name and email address for any of the gifts they choose. The benefit to you in this type of campaign is other experts are helping to spread the word about your book. The benefit to your Joint Venture Partners is they gain visibility to thousands of other people and increase their database numbers with qualified leads from those who download their offer.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

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The Relocation Market Could Be a Goldmine for Your Business

With my recent move from Utah to Oregon, I had the opportunity to experience marketing from a powerful perspective: a consumer in need of numerous products and services. As I have been settling in, I realize what an incredible opportunity this is for countless businesses to increase revenues by tapping into the relocation market. Sadly, not many companies take full advantage of what could literally be a goldmine to their business.

Depending on the location of the move, some of the consumer needs may include: an accountant, carpenter, dentist, doctor, electrician, financial planner, gym, hair and nail salon, health food store, insurance agent, landscaper and plumber just to name a few. More and more people are moving hundreds, if not thousands of miles.

Ask yourself this question: “Is it a wise business decision to tap into the ever increasing mobility of consumers or is it better to let this segment of the buying public pass me by?”

I have been intrigued by my own process of selecting potential vendors and my decision to either do business with them or not during my move.

Admittedly, I chose to initially call various vendors based on the different marketing strategies they used. This reinforced the understanding that there is not one particular way to market. Some businesses will benefit from a strong Internet presence, coupons, yellow page ads, newspaper ads, television and/or direct mail, while others will greatly benefit from building a strong referral network.

Once I put an offer in on my new home, I needed to find an insurance agent. The process was made simple by doing a web search for someone within the same insurance company we have been with for decades. I found the name and number of an agent in Eugene, called her and immediately realized this might be someone I would be happy to do business with.

Not only did Christine Dambach of Farmer’s Insurance in Eugene answer all my insurance questions, she inquired as to other needs I had in moving to a completely unfamiliar area. Within a few hours she emailed me a lot of great information. The names and numbers of these companies and individuals definitely made the transition easier.

I found that her level of service is far superior to just about any vendor I have done business with. Not only did she help us before we made our move, she also made arrangements for a welcome gift basket to be waiting for us upon arrival at our new location. That completely surprised me and made me realize I made a great choice in selecting her.

Our new home is a 1938 farmhouse sitting on several acres. The home has a very distinct personality. My goal is to keep any upgrades and improvements in theme with the era and character.

As vendor after vendor bid on jobs, some were very aware of this fact, while others totally ignored this essential piece of information. Our fence builder, Folsom Family Construction, paid close attention to the look and feel of the fence matching our vision. Another builder completely ignored the era of the home and drew up plans for a very modern deck and barn. Although they were beautiful ideas, it did not fit the theme we wanted. For this reason we went with another vendor for the deck.

The company that we hired to install the indoor window coverings didn’t miss a beat as they stayed within our theme. They paid more attention to what our desires were than any of the three companies who bid on the job. And in doing so, we made a purchase that was greater than we had originally intended.

The common thread tying all of this together is that the vendors I ended up choosing all kept in mind what my needs were and chose the product or services they offered that would best match that need.

As you think about your customers’ needs are you paying attention to what they are conveying, whether verbally or not? Are you matching your services with their needs? When dealing with prospects and clients keep in mind that it is what is important to them, not to you. If what they want and what you offer is a match, it is very likely you will get their business.

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