Friday, October 05, 2007

Here's why lots of people will NEVER make money on the Internet

Lots of people want to “make money on the Internet.” What many fail to realize is making money on the Internet requires that you treat this like any other money-making opportunity. You must work at it, you must establish market reach and you must gain visibility. Also, you must develop a solid foundation.

Before you do just about anything you MUST complete your market analysis. Unfortunately, many people want to skip this important step. The fact is, until you gain incredible clarity on your market you will be unable to optimize all you will be doing.

Until you know what sets you apart (your unique position) it will be difficult to convey that message to potential customers. Without knowing what makes you unique, in the consumer’s mind you are the same as everyone else.

Until you know the benefits of what you offer you will find it difficult to differentiate yourself from others. In the consumer’s mind one person is the same as the other, one product is the same as the other, one offering is the same as the other. That is, until you set yourself apart. You have more opportunity to do this with a thorough market analysis.

Another element of your success is building your opt in list. The fact is you absolutely must focus on building your opt-in list each and every day. Do two – three things daily to increase your list. You cannot avoid this. If you do, you will not realize all you can with the process you are learning.

There are countless ways to build your list. To learn some effective, easy to implement methods access my eBook, The Truth about Making Money on the Internet.

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

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