Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is fear holding you back?

In your search to have a prosperous and fulfilling life, you have probably used numerous resources to have what you want in your life. No doubt you have made progress that has brought you rewards. Yet, it is likely you have encountered some obstacles.

Like many, you might be struggling with Fear as a major barrier in your life.

Even though you can have a clear vision, develop a strong business and marketing plan, outline key actions to reach your goals and still fall short of having what you want as long as your fear controls you.

You might be feeling angry and frustrated with yourself because you're not where you want to be in life. If you are, you’re not alone! Had enough?

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about Lorraine Cohen’s audio program, Transform Your Fear Into POWER.

In her newest 54-minute audio Lorraine spills the beans about fear; what it is, how to recognize it, what causes it and how to break through it. This audio is jam-packed with transformational exercises, tips and resources to eliminate self-sabotage and roadblocks!

"Transform Your Fear Into POWER, is a powerful audio and exercise that will teach you to rid yourself of the debilitating fears that hold you back from the life you are meant to live. After listening to her program, you will feel empowered and begin to regain control over your thoughts and actions. I recommend this program to anyone who is struggling to find their way, interested in better understanding their world and feel the call to make a powerful change in their lives". - Megan Kristel, Owner, Kristel Closets

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Lorraine believes until we change our relationship with fear, it will continue to rule our lives and keep us from experiencing the richness of life that we all desire. Transform Your Fear into POWER offers critical tools and concepts you can implement immediately to break free of negative fear so that you can transform yourself and your life. If not now, when?

"Lorraine, I absolutely loved this audio. I found it impactful, difference-making, and real! The information provided is applicable in any and all situations allowing one to powerfully shift from being stuck to being in-action. Your delivery is serious, playful, and empathetic. It is quite evident that what you have to say works and that you are committed to your message. Not only do the exercises serve as a great tool but your mention of additional resources is extraordinarily invaluable. Thank you for powerfully equipping me for life’s adventures!" – Eunice Wick, Consultant

Learn more about this cutting-edge program by clicking the link below:

When you purchase the program you’ll receive the 18-page audio script and a workbook to help you change beliefs and overcome self-sabotage AND over $1600 worth of bonus gifts. You’ll also have an opportunity to access Lorraine’s two new companion eBooks with proven strategies to put you in charge of your life NOW. "Lorraine Cohen's program, Transform Your Fear Into POWER, provides a refreshing approach to the experience of fear; a way to find our power in our fears rather then run away from them. I continue to turn to Transform Your Fear to give me the courage to work to overcome the barriers to success on my journey; to continue the quest for answers for both myself and my clients to develop hidden power". - Giovanna Tonelli, LCSW, Owner of Becoming

Act now! Get your copy and for that matter, perhaps even another for someone important to you. Remember when you do, you will receive literally over sixteen hundred dollars in special gifts from the leaders in the field.

PS: Know anyone who wants to have more prosperity and happiness? Do them a favor and spread the word by forwarding this offer to your friends and networks.

In success,
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

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