Monday, September 17, 2007

One author's tip for marketing a book

Looking for a great way to get the word out about your book.

Author, Saundra Goodman has one piece of the puzzle working in her favor. Libraries. Recently Ms. Goodman, author of "Got Teeth? A Survivor's Guide" called her local library to inquire about presenting her book for purchase in their system.

When the head librarian ran a check on the ISBN# in their system she said two libraries had already purchased the book: the Mid-Hudson Library in New York covering five counties, and the Kitsap Regional Library in Washington sate.

"Well, blow me down - I was delighted," Goodman said.

The librarian went on to tell her that because the book is nonfiction, about oral health, and there's not much written about that subject she's going to explore buying her book for the local library.

No doubt it helped that two libraries already bought the book.Saundra recently contacted the Baltimore Regional Library in Maryland, which agreed to purchase copies of her book.

"Got Teeth? A Survivor's Guide" is a comprehensive look at oral hygiene, dentures, loss of teeth, care of teeth and just about anything the layperson would want to know.

Written from a patient's perspective, the book will answer just about any question you have on the subject of teeth. To learn more about Saundra Goodman and her book, "Got Teeth? A Survivor's Guide" visit and

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